Outsourcing Services

Maintaining a trained technology staff is a challenge for most companies. More often than not, technology is not something that companies want to worry about. Flexible outsourcing options allow our clients to focus on what they do best their core business model. Farris Technology can provide an outsourcing option that fits your company’s strategy. From basic services to turn-key solutions, we can provide exactly what you are looking for.

EDI Outsourcing

EDI is a critical component to businesses that must perform in a high volume market. We can provide a fully outsourced EDI solution that integrates with your business environment. Our clients are extremely pleased with our services. Contact us today to get on track with EDI.

Development Services

Using the latest technologies from Microsoft®, Farris Technology can develop robust VB, ASP or ASP.NET applications that drive your business. We also provide development support for legacy HP 3000 MANMAN application utilizing Cognos® Powerhouse and FORTRAN.

Networking Services

Our professionals are experts at providing network design, network implementation and network maintenance for Microsoft Networks. Whether you are needing assistance with a small workgroup configuration or a complex LAN/WAN configuration, our team can provide the services that you need.

Integration Services

There are a large number of excellent software systems available in the market place. Even though they are excellent, often they are difficult to integrate within your company’s core business practices. Our team can assist you by developing a roadmap that tells you how to get from “A” to “B” and then implementing that roadmap within your organization.

Other Services

Through our strategic partner companies, Farris Technology can facilitate the following additional services:

  • Investment Banking, Financial Management, Business Valuations, Corporate Development, and Capital raising services to principles of private companies.
  • Accounting BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services.
  • Server collocation, Web Hosting, ISP services.
  • Transportation, Logistics and Warehousing services.